MONTH TO MONTH LEASE:  This is a month to month lease.  The monthly payments(minus M&R insurance) can be used toward the purchase of the instrument.  We do not send monthly statements. You will only see a delinquent letter as a reminder when payment has not been received by the due date.


For your convenience we offer Auto Pay. The monthly rental will be charged automatically to your debit or credit card. Notification must be received in writing to cancel AUTO PAY.  




Payments may also be made through the website, by phone, or by check. If you choose not to use AUTO PAY we reserve the right to perform a credit check.  Please make sure your payment is received on the due date.



TITLE AND RIGHT OF POSSESSION:  KBI Music Shoppe retains title of ownership throughout the rental period.  When regular payments equal the agreed purchase price (established at time of rental), title of ownership will be passed to the renter.



PAYMENT:   If any payment is not received within 7 days of monthly contract date this agreement is terminated and KBI Music Shoppe reserves the right to retain possession of the instrument on sight or demand. The Renter is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in collection including attorney’s fees and court costs. Late payments are subject to a $10 late fee. Returned checks will be charged a $25 NSF fee.

If the Renter is more than 30 days late in paying any sums due under this agreement, the Renter authorizes KBI Music Shoppe to charge the credit card given at the time of rental for payment of any sums due including the remaining purchase price less credit for previous paid rent, if the equipment is not returned to KBI Music Shoppe. 


RETURN PROCEDURES:  The instrument may be returned at any time during the rental period. Call 540-891-7800 for proper return authorization and instructions. Monthly rental rates are not prorated therefore refunds are not issued if an instrument is returned.  Do not leave the instrument at the school without first contacting us.



MAINTENANCE AND REPLACEMENT INSURANCE: M&R Insurance is required on all instruments. The insurance will protect you during the rental contract from normal wear and tear on the instrument as well as other damages. This does not cover deterioration of the instrument appearance from scratches, dents, surface wear, etc which do not affect the performance of the instrument.     All maintenance and repair MUST be made by KBI Music Shoppe.  COVERAGE IS VOID IF THE ACCOUNT BECOMES DELINQUENT.  KBI Music Shoppe reserves the right to cancel the contract if there is constant abuse to an instrument inconsistent with normal use. 

Missing/lost parts and accessories are not covered and will be charged back at full retail price. Missing parts include fingerbuttons, valves, valve caps, etc. Accessories includes mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, etc.  


If the instrument stolen or damaged beyond repair before the contract is paid in full, KBI will replace it with an instrument of equal age, value and quality as determined by us, provided all of your payments are current.  Stolen instruments must be reported to the police immediately and a police report is required to claim damages of theft.  



EXCHANGES:  The instrument covered by this rental agreement may be exchanged for any other instrument during the rental term, based upon the Renters account being current. When applicable any difference in price categories between instruments will be reflected in the rental agreement.





Rev May 2018